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The Automatic Decapper AMDK600 heightens the way many clinical laboratories work. Thanks to AMDK600, samples do not need to be handled when introduced in the system. From the extraction time, the sample can be introduced in the tray used by the analysis equipment, the AMDK600 included.While decapping samples, not only the infection risk is reduced but also more flexibility is provided for the lab staff to manage and verify the system. In conclusion, AMDK600 is an autonomous, clean, comfortable and safe device.


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Product specifications

Main specifications

    • System throughput: up to 600 tubes per hour
    • It admits several tube types:
      • external diameter: from 11 up to 16 mm
      • height: from 75 up to 110 mm
    • It admits several diameters, heights of tubes and types of caps in the same tray
    • No matter if partially empty tray or single empty positions
    • Manufactured with compatible and permissible materials for clinical use
    • Precision movements by servos and PLC control
    • Power consumption ≈ 1,5 kW
    • Air compressor integrated (consumption 1.2 Nm3/h)
    • Single-phase supply voltage of 230/110V, 50-60Hz (plug & play)
    • Dimensions: 950 x 750 x 1.800 mm
    • Warning system when finished tray, opened door or abnormal operation
    • Securities:
      • Machinery Directive 98/37/CE
      • Electromagnetic compatibility

Reference installations

Operating video


For more information about the product, please contact us via our email info@ngny.tech or the telephone + 34 93 372 46 59 .

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