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The automated aliquoter and sorter AQUA7000 automates the following laboratory tasks:

    • Aliquoting.
    • Generation of secondary tubes automatically labelled according to specifications.
    • Sorting of primary tube and aliquots following pre-defined rules.
    • Software configuration on customizing communication and aliquoting and sorting rules to fit on each laboratory workflow.

Furthermore, their use has the following advantages:

    • Improves workflow and performance.
    • Increases efficiency and facilitates the daily routine.
    • Freeing staff to perform more productive tasks.
    • Minimizes errors labeling, aliquoting and manual sorting.
    • Increased biosafety, since no sample is manipulated.

Optional modules






Product specifications

Main specifications

    • Throughput:
      • 500 tubes/hour (for example: 200 primary + 300 secondary).
    • 2 operation modes:
      • Stand-alone.
      • With LIS communication.
    • Customizable input/output zone:
      • Can integrate the ADVIA® rack.
    • Admits the most commonly used primary tubes:
      • High: 70 to 110 mm.
      • Diameter: 12 to 16 mm.
    • Supports the most commonly used barcode types.
    • Graphical user interface through touch screen.
    • Interface LIS: Host-Query.
    • Easy installation.

Technical specifications

    • Disposable tips capacity:
      • 288 primary tubes.
    • Secondary tubes capacity:
      • 500 tubes.
    • In/out racks capacity: 576 tubes.
    • Electrical supply:
      • 230 V / 240 V single-phase.
      • 50 Hz.
      • 1,7 kW.

    • Pneumatic supply:
      • 5 bar.
      • Consumption aprox 12 Nl/min.
    • Weight: 600 kg.
    • Dimensions: 1.870 x 900 x 1.800 mm.

Aliquoting Specifications

The required amount of specimen is aspirated from a previously uncapped primary tube. The volume is determined according to test or analyser requirements. The specimen is then dispensed into the required number of secondary tubes, each with the correct volume of specimen.

    • 1 to 9 aliquots per primary tube.
      • If it is necessary to make more than 9 aliquots:
        • The device generates all the labeled secondary tubes necessaries.
        • Creates the first 9 aliquots.
        • Places the primary tube + the 9 aliquots created + the secondary tubes created (without liquid) in the incidences zone to be dealt manually.
      • If the liquid volume is not enough to create all aliquots:
        • The device places the primary tube + all the secondary tubes (with or without liquid) in the incidences zone to be handled manually.
        • Ability to set priorities so that the critical aliquots are created first.
    • Aliquots volums.
      • Minimum: 0,05 ml; Accuracy: 0,01 ml.
      • Ability to configure a dead volume, which adds to the volume of each aliquot.
      • 2 possible rules for determining the volume of an aliquot:
        • Fixed volume by destination.
        • Volume = sum of volumes assigned analytical techniques.
      • Using conductive disposable tips to ensure maximum accuracy in volumes.
    • 2 possible entries of primary tubes.
      • Drawer (tray, for example the rack ADVIA®).
      • Connected to Lab Automation System (LAS).
    • Secondary tubes:
      • Bulk supply.
      • Dimensions: high 75 mm; external diameter 12 mm; internal diameter 10 mm.
      • Automatic labeling of secondary tubes.
      • Label customizing with prefix/suffix.
      • Possibility of using expert rules for setting the label code, for example:
        • If the code of the primary tube has 10 digits, delete the last two. If not, leave whole.
        • If the code of the primary tubes begins with “17”, replace “17” with “19”.
    • Classification.
      • Quick and easy setup of the layout of the destinations in the output area.
    • Clot detection and routing to the incidences zone for manual processing.
    • Pressure monitoring system.
    • Off-line modes: ability to create rules for offline LIS.
      • For example: make 2 aliquots of 0.5 ml and 0.3 ml to all tubes and classified into destinations 1 and 2.


Reference installations

Operating video

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