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CW50 is a device to get rid of analysed samples without need to be handled, directly from the work tray. It gives a clean, comfortable and safe end to the flow of analytic samples in a lab. Once samples have been stored enough time for possible repetitions, they can be eliminated.With CW50, samples do not have to be handled, thus guaranteeing no risk of infection.

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Product specifications

Main specifications

    • Tube types:
      • External diameter: from 11 up to 16 mm
      • Height: from 75 up to 100 mm
    • It admits 50 tubes of several dimensions at the same time
    • Locking lever system
    • Several colours available

Operating video

Reference installations


For more information about the product, please contact us via our email info@ngny.tech or the telephone + 34 93 372 46 59 .

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