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About us

NGNY Devices was founded in 2005 by the Mechanotronics Engineering division of the company alt3Enginyers SL.

In NGNY Devices SL we work on the design and construction of machinery and automated equipment for elements operation in repetitive processes.

These devices heighten and grant reliability and —even more important for us— security both in the processes and to people using them.

NGNY Devices provides technical assistance to its customers and supplies the accessories and consumables for their equipments.

The company’s team works to meet the needs of its customers by anticipating their expectations through continuous improvement and innovation in terms of reliability, security, usability and performance of your equipment through the application of high technology.

With the launch of the automated decapper AMDK600 in 2005, NGNY Devices got introduced into the pre- and post- analytical processes automation market. Since then, a major part of its activity has been focussed on that sector.

NGNY collaborates with major industry players to provide the latest automation technologies to their analytical solutions.

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