Quality Policy

Design and build automatic machinery and equipment for the manipulation of elements in repetitive processes.

NGNY wants to be the best company, innovative and competitive, capable of growing in a global environment while maintaining business independence and opened to strategic alliances with the objective of generate technological advances that responds to the needs of the population.


  • COMMITMENT: to satisfy the requirements of our customers, and apply the current legislation in all our activities and maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • STAFF: training, awareness, motivation and experience of all our staff.
  • INNOVATION: constant incorporation of new technologies and processes to generate new effective products.
  • QUALITY: implementation of a quality management system based on continuous improvement.
  • ENVIRONMENT: respect for the environment, improvement and prevention of pollution and optimization of consumption.
  • LABOR SAFETY: continuous improvement in the prevention of damage and deterioration of health.
  • ETHIC: guarantee ethical behavior in all our actions and promote the implementation of corporate social responsibility and equal opportunities.