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The Automatic Sorter Decapper system STDK500 automates the pre- and post-process of handling, sorting and decapping the vials or tubes of human fluids samples, which are organized in trays used with the analysis equipment. The system identifies the sample, opens it if necessary, sorts it and archives it once all external analysis have been performed.To perform these tasks the STDK500 communicates on real time with the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

The automation of these tasks:

    • Improves flow tubes in the laboratory.
    • Minimizes manual sorting errors.
    • Minimizes the risk of contagion.
    • Minimizes injuries due to repetitive movements.

This device helps the laboratory to automatically process the tubes, so that productivity can increase. It classifies and decaps different types of existing tube on the market.

STDK500 is prepared to classify the tubes to be stored in the serum bank, and stores each tube location ‘information.

The software allows to configure the communication and sorting and decapping rules to adapt to the way of working of each laboratory.

STDK500 is easily transportable inside the laboratory and requires only an electrical single phase.

Reference installations

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For more information about the product, please contact us via our email info@ngny.tech or the telephone + 34 93 372 46 59 .


Product specifications

Main specifications

    • Troughtput: 500 tubes/hour.
    • Admits the most commonly used tubes:
      • External diameter: from 11 up to 16 mm
      • Height: from 75 up to 100 mm
    • Identification of commonly used barcode formats
      • Codabar
      • Code39
      • UPC
      • EAN
      • 2/5 Interleaved
      • Code 128…
    • Communicaction with the external system by ASTM protocol.
    • Decaps all common types of cap (even with thread).
    • Input and output trays can be customized:
      • standard: Input 360 tubes, output 720 tubes
    • Drawers with automatic opening and closing. Each drawer can contain 2 trays.
    • Automatic tray type recognition.
    • Ability to work with racks of analyzers.
    • Read barcode in the tray.
    • Bank serun managing

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