CUBE S, the heart of the laboratory without TLA

May 2024

The laboratory of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is known for providing an excellent service thanks to the automation of its processes and the traceability of the samples processed in it.

Twenty years ago, it was a pioneer in integrating full automation into its Core laboratory through Bayer Diagnostics. This first automated chain (TLA) was in use for more than ten years, until it was decided to switch to another TLA system. However, the transition from one system to the other (from Labcell to Aptio) was easier, as the hospital had space to locate the laboratory temporarily. 

Currently, the laboratory is facing a big challenge: replacing the TLA to install the new FlexLab X system in the same place where it still processes over 5,000 samples of serum, EDTA, coagulation and urine received everyday. And the challenge is even more complex if, simultaneously, the same period of time is being used to carry out some renovations within the space occupied by the laboratory.

CUBE S and eRACKS in Hospital Clínic de Barcelona laboratory

How are over 5.000 samples processed every day under these conditions?

Firstly, thanks to the commitment of the laboratory staff, who handle and control this large number of daily samples. Secondly, thanks to the two CUBE S units installed by NGNY. They are sample sorters that require less than 1 m2 and which, connected to the IT system, provide complete traceability to the laboratory.

CUBE S: classification and traceability 

CUBE S processes all the loaded samples. For each tube, the device makes a query to the laboratory information system (LIS) and, with the answer obtained, sorts the tube into the appropriate destination according to the pending elements that remain to be analyzed. When there is nothing else to be analyzed, it sorts the tube into the archive destination. 

The traceability of all the samples is registered and sent to the laboratory information system, from where it is possible to make queries and tube searches. In this way, CUBE S brings security and control to the laboratory.

CUBE S in hematology area

CUBE S in biochemistry area

eRACKS: sustainable racks

In addition to centralizing all traceability of samples with CUBE S, the laboratory uses our eRACKS, personalized colored cardboard racks for the refrigerated storage of samples. Each eRACK has a unique identification that is accessible from all sides and is reusable. This way, the investment in racks for the management of serum storage (archive) has been minimal.

eRACKS with unique identification that is accessible from all sides.

eRACKS for the management of serum storage (archive)

Thanks to CUBE S and eRACKS, the laboratory of the Hospital Clínic is operating at full capacity without the automated TLA chain while its facilities are being upgraded.

This is one more example of the success of combining our products with NGNY* and our great ability to provide innovative solutions and solve our customers’ needs.

* What does NGNY mean? 


1. Spirit of invention.
2. The ability to find clever solutions and the means to execute them.