Definition of cookies

Cookies are small files or data files that are generated on the user’s computer and gather information on user preferences, while visiting a certain website, in order to recognize it as a returning user and personalize your experience and your use of the site. Widely they used to facilitate navigation (achieve more efficient operation of the website) and provide services in a personalized way.

NGNY DEVICES uses cookies in order to improve the use and purpose of the website and to determine how users use the website as well as the tools and services offered on it. In this way you can improve your experience on our website. Cookies cannot damage your computer, on the other hand, the fact that are enabled allow us to identify and resolve potential errors.

Revocation and deleting cookies

Please note that you have the ability to configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies or to receive an onscreen notice of receipt of each cookie and then decide whether or not their implementation on your hard disk. If you change settings or delete website cookies may make it impossible to register in it, use other features that require data logging or access some sections. Also disabling certain cookies may affect the proper operation of certain sections of the website.

You can allow, learn, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring your browser options installed on your computer:

  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Google Chrome. Via the Tools menu, selecting Options (Preferences on a Mac) and accede to Advanced Settings, Content Privacy section and finally marking Cookies option in the Settings dialog content.
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Firefox. For Mac option in the Preferences menu, select Privacy, accessing the Show Cookies section, and for Windows option in the Tools menu, selecting Options, Privacy, then accessing to Use custom settings for history.
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Internet Explorer. Via the Tools menu, select Internet Options and accessing Privacy.
  • More information on how to block the use of cookies in Safari. In the Preferences menu option, selecting Privacy.

Type of cookies used on the web

On the website of NGNY DEVICES the following types of cookies are used:

  • Functional Cookies are used to improve the functionality of the website. These are cookies that remember the content that the user has previously viewed on your site. Using functional cookies allows us to provide content tailored to their interests and saves time by not having to re-register or re-enter your data when visiting the site or try to access certain sections.
  • Own cookies: cookies are set by this website and you can only read the site itself.
  • Third party cookies: They are created by third parties and can be used for certain services such as website analysis or advertising.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.