AQUA 7000

Pre and Post analytical system.

Build your own system

The system allows to automate all the pre- and post- analytical tasks.

Pick the ones you need to fit in your lab!

Sample check-in reception.

LIS comunication. Customizable software rules.

Sorts tubes to analyser racks.

Primary tube validation, patterns search.

Decaps tubes selectively.

Tube generator. Generates secondary tubes for aliquoting.

Full automates the aliquoting process.

The pipetting robot can dispense sample to a microplate.

Recaps tubes with a cap.

Easy location, traceability.

AQUA 7000


up to 500 tubes/h


up to 1.000 tubes/h


Centrifuge throughput:

380 tubes/h



Improves workflow and performance.

Increases productivity, efficiency and facilitates the daily routine.

Frees teams up for high-value work.

Minimizes errors decapping, labelling, aliquoting, recapping and manual sorting.

Increases biosafety, since no sample is manipulated.

Current projects

Installation with multiple AQUA and Manual Stations all connected with AQUALink.

Installation with multiple AQUA systems and Manual Stations all connected with AQUALink. The information of all systems is shared and only 1 LIS interface is needed. Manual Station is used for REGISTRATION and SORTING of samples in different types of container. User friendly interface with minimum “clicks” to manage the registration and sorting of samples. All kind of sample containers can be easyly managed with the Manual Sorting Station. AQUALink database manages all samples and gives you complete traceability using only one LIS interface (Host Query with the LIS).

AQUA supports the process of preparing the Covid-19 tests.

The laboratories of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (CDB, Centre de Diagnòstic Biomèdic), asked if we could be able to fill a special type of tubes with some liquid, to help the process of preparing the Covid-19 tests with PCR. If possible, we could adapt the current AQUA7000 system working in the Sample Reception zone of their laboratories. 

We started our software (mainly, as it needs to reverse the usual behavior of the system) and firmware modifications where needed. After some testing, in 3 days we were starting the tests in the lab.

The first AQUA8000C – Centrifuge module installed.

The Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus laboratories have the first Centrifuge module installed in an AQUA System! The validation process is in its last stage with the help of the lab staff. We keep adding and improving features to the AQUASystem portfolio. And a lot more to come in the very next future!

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