Changing the use of racks in the laboratory flow

Clinical samples flow in 7 steps

No need to manipulate samples clean and sterilize racks send empty racks back to extraction centers


Can be used as input and output racks. No need to manipulate the samples.

Directly load

The user can build up when needed.

Easy to build

Possibility to customize the eRack with your company logo and color.


Extremely low volume required to store them.

Low volume

Reciclable. Plastic free.


Your team is relieved of manual tasks. Minimizes samples manipulation and errors

Low price



The cardboard racks can be identified with a label (TAG) with both RFID and readable barcode.

The barcode of the rack would be stored in the RFID tag, as well as  all the sample codes and their  positions.

Once the rack is read in the lab, the LIS knows what tubes have  arrived.

With the support of the Agència de Residus de Catalunya- ARC,

NGNY DEVICES, S.L.  has received the aid granted by ARC, to carry out the PROJECTE ECODISSENY DE GRADETES DE LABORATORI

“eRACK”, within the line of aid for projects to promote the circular economy.  TES/3340/2020.

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