Installation of a device STDK500 in Unilabs

Recently, NGNY has installed an STDK500 device in the Unilabs Hematology laboratory, located at its headquarters in Madrid.
The device has been configured to receive, in the input area, tubes already processed by the ADVIA® autoanalyzers. The communication with SIGLO is made tube by tube. STDK500 distributs tubes in the output area based on the pending requests.
The machine automatically distinguishes between 6 types of trays: the NGNY trays in 5 different colors, and a tray that supports 4 racks of autoanalyzer ADVIA® 2120. The sorting destinations have been agreed with the laboratory to be attributable to the color of the trays.
NGNY demonstrates again its ability to adapt to customer needs, and helps Unilabs to achieve its goal of positioning itself as one of the reference laboratories in the public sector.

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