AQUA 7000
To maximize laboratory test capacity

Customizable to the lab needs

The system automates the management and preparation of samples arriving in the laboratory.

Pick the ones you need to fit in your lab!

LIS comunication. Customizable software rules.

Configurable aspiration and dispensation actions.

Secondary tube generator.
Bulk suply, automatic labeling.

Sorting area.
Customizable racks.

Optional modules

Intelligent Decapper Recapper.

Germicidal lamp.
UV-c lights for disinfection and sterilization.

Aspiration and dispense.

HEPA filter.
With negative preassure.

Decaps tubes selectively.

Recaps tubes selectively.

Primary tube validation, patterns search.

Additional AQUALink manual station.
Multiple devices share information.

The pipettot robot can dispense to the microplate.

Pool from 2 to 8 samples

Automatic generation of the Pool tube with customizable label

Automatic generation of 1 aliquot tube for each sample

Optional dispense of 2 types of buffer

Full traceability

Different configurations available

Current projects

Configuration 1: Automatic generation of the Pool tube                                   

Configuration 2: Automatic generation of 1 aliquot tube for each sample

AQUA System with the new IDR module and HEPA filter:

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