Installation of an AQUA8000 System in Austria

NGNY has recently installed an AQUA8000 device in the Laboratory of Dr. Berghold in Graz (Austria).

This system has been configured and customized to fit the lab needs, in order to have an efficient flow of samples and a complete traceability at any time.

When samples arrive to the lab they are loaded in the input areas of the system which selectively decaps and sorts the sample tubes in the analyzers racks (mainly Atellica Solution racks, Beckman AU racks and Hematology racks). Only for those patients with special test requirements some aliquots are generated in the first pass.

From the output area, operators take out the analyzers racks and process them. Once finished, the samples are handed back to the input area in AQUA, where the system queries the status of each sample again. Depending on the individual progress of the samples and the pending requirements, they are either archived (in different long or short term storage racks), or more aliquots are done, or they are re-sorted to an analyzer rack again.

When all the tasks are done, every sample tube is archived in the cold storage. The location information is available at any time, both from the AQUALink software and from the LIS interface.

Thanks to the collaboration of the LIS provider, the laboratory staff and NGNY engineers, the installation process has been successful and the goals have been achieved.